Drone Warfare Decoration, 2015

Block Offer, 2017

Oasis, 2013

Oasis, 2013 – #painting #artgram #contemporaryart #nzart #art #artistsofinstagram

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Five Eyes Network, 2014

Simulations, 2012

This painting is Simulations, from my small Graphs series, 2012. None of the Graphs paintings have been exhibited. At the time I'd been looking at different kinds of dramatic graphs, primary graphs to do with climate change and financial boom and bust. Climate change has often been on my mind when it comes to making art, and by 2012 it was only about 4 years since the beginning of the global financial crisis. These graph paintings have been on my mind again lately because of the significant housing bubbles in Australia and New Zealand. This painting, and others in the series, could just a well be simulations of how that all plays out. Some other paintings in the series are: Downfall, Growth, Peak, Crisis, Rise, Manifestation. #painting #contemporaryart #nzart

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