Downfall Street Poster Project, 2013

Backwater Ops, 2014

Manifestation, 2013

Drone Empire Decoration, 2016

Signature Cluster, 2012

In 2012 I made 3 of these small Signature Cluster paintings. As the title suggests, they were made simply by writing my signature multiple times in clusters. I’ve worked with signatures, the often lauded marks of artistic authenticity and branding, periodically for a a long time. I’ve signed generic products for sale as part of installations (along with videos aping infomercials), made giant signatures with computer cut vinyl lettering, printed signatures across large inkjet-on-canvas banknotes, and scrawled signatures repeatedly across large sheets of black paper to resemble landscapes. I’ll work with “the artist’s signature” again at some stage. Signature Cluster Oil stick and acrylic on canvas 40.5cm x 30.5cm – #contemporaryart #artgram #art #painting #drawing #nzart #artwork #artist #signature

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